The Firm’s Founder

The firm’s founder, Jose Dante Soriano Morados, starting as one (1) of the pioneers of Griffith Laboratories Phils, Inc., the first food ingredients, chemicals and seasonings-blend firm in the country, has been in formulation & blending of food chemicals, spice blends, mixes, flavors and seasonings since 1977.

1980 to present, he manages own small family companies involved in per served recipes and commercial volume food product development, formulation/reformulation and processing, spice and ingredients blending, food business set-up and franchising, trading of allied food raw mats and indent sales of oleoresin spices and choiced cuts of meat from different countries.

Our battlecry and tags:

“Food Ideas that you never have thought possible”,

“Technological Creation and Innovation of Food”

“Cost Cutting measures for recipes/food formulations” (ruling out some or any ingredient REDUNDANT to the end taste while suggesting substitute(s) for truer palate satisfaction) and

“more in-depth and technical info on your present raw mats vis-a-vis our recommendation(s)”

now serve as the guiding principles in the company’s operations.