About Us

JOAX (pronounced “h’wax”) Ingredients is all about innovating and developing GREAT tasting food. It all began with food chemicals and ingredients blending under the corporate name JANSSEN FOODS CORPORATION. “JANSSEN” then became known as a reliable supplier for seasonings and flavors for big food ventures and fast-food chains. Now with more than 38 years of experience, the company has expanded its products and services and has evolved into the next generation as ”JOAX INGREDIENTS” …with Joax actually being the son of Janssen!

As with any food venture that has stood the test of time, the company has been built with a highly technical approach to food innovation. Every ingredient is thoroughly selected and every formulation is carefully tested (and re-tested) under the hands-on guidance and quality stewardship by the pioneers themselves
Jose Dante Morados and his wife Marilyn Morados.

Today, Joax Ingredients caters to and supports food businesses that share the same value of providing high quality, great tasting food. In a competitive industry, this is the only sustainable way to stand for another 30 years…and beyond.

Our Company Values

Tasteful Innovation: we develop and innovate products based on the right mix of ingredients and highly technological process flow delivering good taste on cost-cutting production value, not simply for the sake of innovating or creating.

High-quality Ingredients: to protect the quality of our products, we ensure only the freshest ingredients are utilized and those that will truly deliver desired aroma, taste and form.

Reliability: we put your business’ growth as top priority so we strive to deliver your needs on time and in good quality…this is to say…

We mind your OWN food business.

Respect & Integrity: we work only with suppliers and clients who value mutual growth from business partnerships.

Do you want to give your business an edge with high-quality food products? Are you looking to put up your own food business? Read on…